Top Five Careers With Highest Divorce Rates

People have long speculated that those in a few professions are more apt to wrap up with failed marriages and divorce than other associates of the population. Latest research has confirmed this belief. You might expect that corporate executives, armed service, or medical professions could trigger more divorces due to long hours and stress, in that you’d be wrong. The greatest divorce rates belong to dancers and choreographers followed by bartenders, massage therapists, gaming competition workers, and extruding machine operators. In addition, feminine personnel in the various professions tend to have slightly higher rates of divorce than their men counterparts. Queensland has highest divorce rate in Australia

Researchers at Radford University went through the statistics garnered throughout the 2150 census to put jointly this list. While some of the best five professions involve close contact with people other than a spouse and could therefore promote extra-marital affairs and divorces, others don’t seem to be to generate a whole lot of sense. Why would ballroom dancers have an astonishing 43. 05% divorce rate? So why would those running extruding machines come in at number five with an interest rate of thirty-two. 74%? A number of the findings were unexpected as well as revealing.

You can also get omissions in the list that includes the best ten divorce rates professionally. For example, why wouldn’t actors and performers, professional athletes, and other celebrities, be high on the list? We all know how fast some of them go through significant others, so it seems like they would be somewhere in the top, nonetheless they aren’t. What makes a bartender 32. 4% likely to divorce while those working in the media and sales and marketing communications equipment field have a 0% divorce rate? Professionals can simply make guesses at what is causing certain professions to have higher divorce rates.

Working closely with other people tops the set of suggested reasons why people divorce. Dancers in particular are literally thrust into the arms of someone other than their husband and wife on a regular most basic, and it’s surmised that every one of this physical contact creates extra-marital attractions. In fact, nearly all professions in the top five involved working with lots of people. An additional factor may be in professions which require long hours and a great deal of dedication. Even though the old adage says that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, this university study generally seems to refute the truth of that belief.

The moral of this story is that you need to choose your career with treatment if you are wishing for a long, happy marriage.

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